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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I would dearly love reviews and discussions on this wonderful show.

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I would say for 24 hours after a drop, just don't put spoilers in the headline. And when I say spoilers, I don't mean "any information whatsoever", like some people. I mean a significant plot development, character death, casting, etc. 24 hours. I mean I would never be so upset as to complain about it, it just seems like basic courtesy.

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Thank you for writing this!! I never stay up late to watch a show drop at midnight. Even shows that are released after 10pm I usually wait for the next day. I also somehow never quite realized that the last season of Ted Lasso dropped at 9pm ET rather than PT, so for me it was always a Wednesday show rather than Tuesday night. Then when I realized it ahead of the finale, Apple did a little switcheroo since allegedly they needed three more hours to finish off the special effects.

So despite watching shows within 24 hours of their release, I often am behind the posted reviews here at Episodic Medium. While I don' think any reviews have actually spoiled me, getting the emails mid-workday before I watch in the evening has certainly gone up to the edge. Just please don't put who committed the murder in a subject line! haha

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I personally go with a 24 hour rule for spoilers but also have learned the art of spoiler acceptance. It’s not worth me getting upset about it and most of the time I’m not willing to quarantine myself from everything to avoid it.

Part of it is because I never watch shows when they’re released and I’m usually several days behind. It does make it challenging to keep up with the discussion here—I’ve basically given up on being a timely commenter in the Only Murder and Star Trek reviews despite loving both shows. I did setup a filter on my email to send these to a separate folder so I’m not tempted when they pop up in my inbox.

For classic episodes—I mentioned Battlestar Galactica in the standalone episodes thread. It’s probably been revisited to death but I’m always down for an excuse rewatch. Same with Deep Space 9. One classic sci fi show I’ve been interested in revisiting to see if it holds up is Babylon 5. I haven’t watched the new animated movie yet but I loved B5. I came to it late and watched it when the Sci-Fi Channel aired it M-F right before prime time. It's been well over a decade since that happened and I haven't done a rewatch since.

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Seriously, I am going to grieve when Reservation Dogs ends. It was a huge surprise to me when we met Alhora's dad, and what a fantastic episode it was as well.

I'm not ready.

Speaking of great shows you aren't covering, season 2 of Welcome to Wrexham is, once again, absolutely amazing!

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Less of a “classic” request, but would love some thoughts on the new episodes of modern animated shows, from people who wrote about them on AVClub.

Zack Handlen talking about the new season of Futurama; Dennis Perkins picking some favourite episodes of new Simpsons...

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I live on the Left Coast (as Tim Goodman would say).

At the turn of millennium, my Comcast cable feed included both the East Coast and West Coast feed for many cable channels and some only had one feed. So, on Sunday evenings, I could watch the 9pm-10pm drops on HBO, Showtime, AMC, etc. all on Sunday night. However, once 16:9 became the standard aspect ratio, Comcast provided only the West Coast feed in that format. So, goodbye to Sunday extended prime time for premium channels.

Once streaming versions became availabe, I was back to Nirvana, as the streamers did not restrict by time zone.

Now that streaming is the prominent and, for many providers, the only way to deliver content, many of them chose to deliver new content at midnight EST on the day of release. Of course, that meant that we Left Coasters could actually watch in prime time on the day before release. Apple TVseems to have noticed that and decided to give everyone in the USA that privlege by choosing a 9pm EST release time. Hulu was stuck with the midnight release until this week. I was able to watch OMITB on Monday evening, but Reservation Dogs was not available on Tuesday evening. Apparently between those 2 days, Hulu has switched its release time to 3am EST, putting the whole country in catch up mode. Meanwhile Showtime, which had been officialy releasing its prime Sunday shows at midnight EST for that day (enabling them to be a Saturday night watch for me) has switched to making Friday the release date. It appears that the actual time is 1 AM, as I have been able to make Billions at 10 PM on Thursday.

I live on the West Coast, so I have been able to take advantage of Hulu's midnight EST drop to watch shows early. I was able to do that for OMITB this week. However, when I tried to do that for reservation Dogs the following evening, the show was not yet availalbe. Apparently Hulu is wsitching to a 3am EST level the access across the country.

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It's interesting how Disney+ gives viewers a brief window to keep up with the series before spoiling it in the marketing. The latest example being revealing Ahsoka's major guest star in commercials a couple days after the episode had aired. My brother, who was a little behind, caught one of these ads while watching sports. As frustrating as it was to have that reveal ruined, it did incentivize him to catch-up with the series.

In regards to additional classic reviews, I have a few suggestions:

- Succession Seasons 1 - 3 (unless you covered them on a previous site)

- An Animated Series since outside of Rick and Morty we don't have much coverage of those.

- Alternatively, you could ask for nominations, create a poll, and have users vote on which series they'd

want covered.

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I’m in a few Star Wars, Star Trek, and marvel groups on fb and the spoiler ban rule varies. I think for theatrical releases the ban is 2 weeks, for streaming releases the ban is 48 hours I think? I believe the ofmd groups I’m in will also have a 48 hour ban (but these groups usually also have one thread specifically for spoilers and discussion). I remember when WandaVision was airing I was working from home and saw on twitter Evan Peters and Quicksilver were both trending and put two and two together. I’ve just learned to avoid social media for anything I really care about not seeing spoilers for, I’ll just play animal crossing or read fanfic until I can view the media, haha.

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I would love a LOST classic coverage!

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Sep 22·edited Sep 22

The conversation absolutely needs to start immediately after the episode airs. I see no possible reason for anything else. Sports reporters aren't given until the next day to file their game recaps

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God, that a 53 year old man still goes by "Rick the Temp".

This may be urban legend by this point, but I still remember the story in the early 2000's that Strombo took Rick to a hardcore show once, someone shoved Rick into the pit and he got absolutely clocked. Made me laugh.

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"But even there things can get confusing. Apple does offer screeners for its series, but its embargoes are actually still for midnight eastern, despite episodes going live at 9pm."

Could this be because of the PST 3 hour time difference? Like, do Apple TV shows become accessible around 12am EST/9pm PST in states like California? I remember when new episodes of Servant would appear around 3am Eastern and assumed this was due to the time zone difference.

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Alan used to be fun. He is much less so working at RS. He is not responsive to the fans, he routinely vague tweets about screeners in an annoying way that both confuses followers and flaunts privilege, and he freely spoils shows. Also, his output has dropped considerably. Sad, I used to not be able to wait to hear what he had to say. Now, I could care less

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I'm just getting into Cobra Kai so that's one I'd love to see get throwback coverage. But my crazy longshot wish is for Everwood.

As for the timing of reviews: I'm the pro-binge guy. I used to love those recap-an-hour days at AVC. I know it's not a model that really fits goals and vibe at Episodic Medium, but I think it's worth considering once in a while for shows that are big and buzzy and are likely to have a lot of discourse fast, like maybe season 5 of Stranger Things.

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