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"Again, it’s left to be seen whether the show will ever turn the joke of Dee’s irrelevance to the rest of the Gang into Kaitlin Olson’s own tour de force episode."

Sir, how dare you so flagrantly ignore The Gang Broke Dee, which let Kaitlin hit a variety of beats and let us see how Dee would react to suddenly making her dreams happen (terrifying diva + vomit).

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Thanks for sticking with the show, Dennis! I've been reading your Sunny reviews on AV Club for years. I appreciate your familiar voice and thoughtful insights on the show.

I have to say I am thrilled by how much I enjoyed The Gang Inflates. That fact that these guys still have their fastball after all these years is a huge relief. I would hate to see the corpse of this once great show continue to shuffle on for years too long like The Office.

It's no crypto that I'm a sucker for a good visual gag, so I was cracking up at everything to do with the inflatable seats, Mac's fancy nuts, and every "Dee glued to something new" reveal.

Frank Shoots Every Member of the Gang was pretty weak. I just wanted to add to the conversation that Charlie having twin sisters was set up originally in season 1 Charlie Got Molested, during the intervention scene. That's a hell of a long time to wait for a payoff on that, and not a particularly worthwhile way of doing it if you ask me. Maybe they will come back again this season.

I'm excited to see what else is in store. Particularly the bowling episode that has been so heavily promoted in the trailers.

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Really excited to be re-reading these reviews! I just re-watched the whole run and re-read your AV Club reviews alongside, Dennis. I was wondering if anyone's been listening to the Always Sunny podcast?

They've been re-watching and commenting on old episodes too, and it's interesting to watch how it might be affecting the show itself. For instance, apparently Charlie's sisters were brought up in one of the very first episodes of the series, and they were reminded of it through the podcast re-watch, so I'm not surprised to see them pop up now. Same with the teeth-pulling stunt. Might mean that we see more obscure callbacks/Easter eggs moving forward.

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Agreed that the first was a gem of an episode while the second one was weak. Honestly the biggest laugh in the latter might have been the cut to the title of the episode.

Would love to see a Dee-centered episode that's a breakout for Kaitlin Olson.

Just glad to have these idiots back on my TV screen.

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